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What is Hero?
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Hero is a personalised training app, which combines the precision and immediacy of body-tracking and AI technology, with the experience and expertise of a human trainer.

Hero is designed to be suitable for all fitness journey's and levels. To do this, Hero will benchmark where you're at, enable you to choose goals that matter to you and begin your fitness journey with our innovative total body exercise plans, curated to help you progress in a way that suits your body, your level and your goals. 

To help you make the most of every workout along this longer term journey, Hero's technology will give you real-time visual and audio feedback as you exercise, so you know what you're doing well or anything you should improve.



What equipment do I need?
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None - all you need to enjoy Hero is your smartphone! Hero will work better on newer devices due to the camera specifications, so we recommend using a device manufactured from 2020 or more recently. 

You may want to use an exercise mat for comfort for anything kneeling or on your elbows, but this isn't essential.

You don't need to wear any tracking devices, watches or sensors.

How does Hero track my movements?
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We use our coaching AI to analyse the movement data that the camera gathers from the key tracking points across your body.

All we process is movement data, by tracking track 33 body points. We use these points to measure the movements that you make and compare them to the best practice guidance for the exercise that you are doing. Based on this analysis, the app gives you real-time audio and visual feedback, so you know if you're doing the exercises well, or where you may be able to make some improvements. 

Privacy is paramount to us, that's why we never store or transmit any visual data. The images captured by the camera are processed in real-time on your device and then discarded. We also never capture audio or biometric data.

How do I set up and position myself for a workout?
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All Hero needs to help you workout and track your progress, is your smartphone's front-facing camera!

Here are 3 simple steps to follow for a successful set up:

1. Find your space: Workout in a space (inside or outside) where you have at least 2m of space between you and your phone, and have space around you to move, stretch or lie down.

2. Position your device: Place your phone on a hard surface (e.g. a coffee table, against a wall) so it's about 2m away from your workout position, with the screen facing you. Move so you can see your whole body in the white box on the screen. For best results place your phone on something that raises it 50-100cm off the ground. Use a phone stand if you have one, or you can prop up some books to keep your phone upright and steady.

3. Wait for confirmation: Once you are correctly in the box, wait a moment while the app checks it can see you clearly. You will see the body dots all turn green (meaning the camera can see each point). Then a green tick will appear on screen to signal the camera can see you as it needs to. Then...it's time to workout!

How do I get started on Hero?
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Once you've signed up and logged into Hero, you'll be taken through a few interactive onboarding steps to show you how to get the most from the app. It should only take 5-10 minutes.

After entering telling us a bit about yourself, so we can personalise the app, we'll ask if you want to 'Get Orientated' in our Orientation Workout. This is a brief video with Coach Simon, to explain how working out with Hero and what to expect, before giving you the chance to try a mini workout!

Then, it's time to explore and look around the app.

When you're ready to start your fitness journey, simply press 'START' and do your Benchmarking Workout to find your fitness level and pick your goal. Then you're off. Simple!